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Eyelash Extensions

I have had many, MANY eyelash extension fails. I have gone everywhere from little Chinese nail salons to expensive Yorkville spas and no one has done as an amazing job as Keiko Ojima. I have officially found my go-to place. Let me set the scene for you... at 2421 Dundas St. West, in a little brick house lies the cutest little purple room decked out in Japanese everything. With little children's dresses hanging from the wall- it's almost horror movie-esque. The music playlist includes everything from Japanese jingles to the Backstreet Boys to Rihanna. For mink lashes they charge $50! (Just for comparison MYNC Beauty in Yorkville charges $175!!!) And for Silk lashes which are much blacker and lighter than mink, Keiko charges $70. I highly suggest making a trip to see Keiko. I promise you, you will never have another eyelash extension crisis!

Their phone number is: (416) 887-4312

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