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Night at the Museum

I am obsessed with Dinosaurs! They are too cool for words. Just to think that there used to be "animals" bigger than our homes and birds that looked like dragons is just totally mind boggling. Last Friday, I went to a "Night at the Royal Ontario Museum" in Toronto with two friends. The whole museum was open for everyone to explore and there were drink and food stands everywhere (not to mention a huge dance floor right beside the T-Rex!). I can now say I've danced with Dinosaurs!! 

Today, we had our first big snowfall and its really starting to look like Christmas. I went out tonight to get a USB port...only to discover that every single store was closed early because of the snow storm! Come on Toronto...It's Winter. It's December. AND WE LIVE IN CANADA!

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What I am Wearing (pics 5-8): ZARA knit and leggings, CHANEL boots, H&M earrings, HENRI BENDEL stack rings, D.E.W. cocktail ring

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Snow White

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