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Nicholas Ghesquiere for LV

For the past few weeks there has been speculation that Balenciaga's Nicholas Ghesquiere, would be the new Creative Director for Louis Vuitton following Marc Jacobs departure from the iconic brand. Well, today the speculation is confirmed! Nicholas Ghesquiere will follow in Marc Jacobs' footsteps.  

Marc Jacobs began working at Louis Vuitton in 1997 and his American ways completely rejuventated and modernised the old, historic French European brand. Marc Jacobs can be credited for making Louis Vuitton a household name and making the "Speedy" bag one of the most commonly sighted designer bags on the street. What was once an exclusive brand has now become (dare I say!- very "Americanized" and too accessible).

Nicholas will debut his first collection for LV during Paris Fashion Week in March. I cannot wait to see what Nicholas has in store for LV. I sure hope he brings Louis Vuitton's classic heritage and prestige back! 


In honour of Marc Jacobs, I have included some of my favourite pieces from his tenure at Louis Vuitton.  




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